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Please Note: The test pages on this site are at the beta-testing stage. We recognise that there may still be bugs in the programs, although we have tried hard to eliminate them. If you do have problems then we would be very grateful if you could e-mail the webmaster.

This web-site has a numbers of questionnaires and tests concened with handedness and lateralisation. You will be able to carry out the tests yourself and will be given feedback on your performance. Most of the tests are discussed in Right Hand Left Hand.

Please note that these tests are not designed only for left-handers, but apply equally well to right-handers. For our research it is particularly important that both right and left-handers complete the tests.

On each test you will be given immediate feedback on your performance. Your data will also be stored so that further, more complicated statistical analyses can be carried out.

As well as being for interest and amusement, these tests also form an on-going part of Chris McManus' academic research. We are therefore asking each participant to register before taking the tests, by giving us an e-mail address. That means you can take some of the tests at one time and some at another, that you can take the tests on several occasions, and that you can take the tests in any order. Notifying us of your e-mail address also means that when sufficient people have taken the tests then we can notify you of additional analyses of the results, and we can also tell you when new tests are added.

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