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Handedness Questionnaire
This asks in detail about the handedness of you and your family, and there is also a photographic section. It takes about 15 minutes to complete. The information in this questionnaire is particularly important to us and must be provided before the other tests are completed.
Hands Test
How good are you at quickly distinguishing a right hand from a left hand, or telling whether a hand points to the right or the left? The test takes only a few minutes to complete.
Line Bisection Test
This is a web version of a traditional pencil-and-paper test for assessing the extent to which people tend to ignore one half of visual space, so-called 'pseduo-neglect'. It takes a few minutes to complete.
Attentional Test
The Attentional Test is also a test of pseudo-neglect, but is more sensitive, timing you as you try to find the odd one out in a complex display. It takes a few minutes to complete..

Note: Once you have completed the questionnaire the tests will become active.
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